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Redensity 1

Rehydrate, Redensify & Hydrate Your Hands

Redensity 1

Stimulate Collagen & Help Firm The Skin From Within

Teosyal Puresense Redensity 1 is designed to prevent premature skin aging, restore skin density and maintain skin glow

Redensity 1 is a non-cross-linked Hyaluronic Acid, which uses effective and natural components such as amino acids, antioxidants, minerals and vitamins to create its unique patented formula.
This formula is used to prevent premature skin ageing, and helps give skin a natural glow. Skin boosters, such as Redensity 1, are typically used to improve characteristics of skin that are naturally affected by the ageing process, such as:
Sun-damaged skin, Loss of skin elasticity, Thin or damaged skin, Luminosity, Wrinkles, Sagging skin, Skin imperfections & Hydration.

Redensity 1

How Does It Work?

Produced by the Swiss company Teoxane, the Light Filling skin redensifying treatment with Teosyal Redensity 1, has an exclusive and patented formula, and contains components naturally present in the skin, which act in synergy:
Hyaluronic acid: for optimal hydration.
Dermo-Restructuring Complex: 8 amino acids, 3 antioxidants, 2 minerals and 1 vitamin whose combined action promotes skin restructuring and regeneration.
Lidocaine: Anaesthetic for greater comfort during the injection.

Teosyal Redensity I, is an effective and safe skin re-densification treatment, which helps to achieve healthy skin and fight the signs of fatigue in a perfectly natural way.


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