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Lanluma Bum Lift

Creates volume that enhances your body’s curves and contours

Lanluma Bum Lift

Smoothes, reshapes and sculpts beautiful buttocks.

This innovative (Lanluma Bum lifts) filler reshapes and activates natural collagen production, creating volume that enhances your body’s curves and contours which has proven very effective and carries minimal risks and downtime.

Lanluma are generally more commonly performed as surgical procedures however those undoubtedly carry bigger risks and sometimes aren’t necessary as a similar result can now be achieved using the much safer Lanluma bum lift option. A non-surgical butt lift at our Mediglow Clinic consists solely of Lamluma bio stimulator to fine-tune the buttock’s shape. Dr Jaskaren uses the newest cutting-edge bio stimulating filler Lanluma, precisely injecting it to fill and plump the bum, with minimal discomfort and virtually no downtime.


How Does It Work?

Lanluma’s main ingredient is Poly-L_Lactic_Acid (PLLA) these particles get to work deep within the skin to activate your body’s own natural collagen response. Injectable PLLA, Lanluma’s main ingredient, provides results that appear gradually and last more than two years. It promises a gradual, continuous improvement in both volume and skin texture as your treatment plan progresses and your natural collagen production is stimulated.

The Procedure And It’s Effects
A rapid procedure: A bum lift with Lanluma can take as little as 10 minutes, as opposed to a more invasive procedure that may take several hours.
Minimal Anaesthetic: As the procedure is non-invasive, patients often require only a topical anaesthetic to minimize discomfort.
No downtime: While there may be some residual effects following a non-surgical butt lift—such as swelling, slight bruising, and minimal discomfort—patients are generally able to immediately resume their daily activities following Lanluma treatment.

Effective results: Despite the non-surgical approach, a Lanluma bum lift is remarkably effective in producing the desired results that can last up to two years. The treatment will have enhanced your body’s ability to produce collagen, leaving you with a healthier bum for a long time to come.

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Treatment Prices

Lanluma Treatment Prices:
A thorough consultation will take place before all treatments.
  • Consultation

    30 Minutes

    book 3
  • OFFER Lanluma Bum Lift (2 Vials)

    2 Hours

    book 3
  • Lanluma Bum Lift (2 Vials)

    2 Hours

    book 3
  • Lanluma Bum Lift (4 Vials)

    2 Hours 30 Minutes

    book 3
  • Lanluma Bum Lift (6 Vials)

    3 Hours

    book 3
  • Lanluma Face Neck & Décolleté (1 Vial)

    1 Hours 30 Minutes

    book 3
  • Lanluma Arms & Hands (1 Vial)

    1 Hours 30 Minutes

    book 3