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Guinot Facial skincare products are one of the best anti-ageing treatments available, it is one of the most luxurious and pampering products for your skin that is medically backed and it comes in a variety of styles to suit your skin type, utilising products and methods that have brought skincare benefits for over fifty years.


How Does It Work?

Guinot has quickly become one of the leading skincare brands across the world because of their scientifically backed products and mission to make women feel more confident and beautiful in their skin.

Here at our clinic we offer a variety of their signature facials below:-

Hydradermie Youth
Achieve immediate results with Guinot’s signature treatment created as the alternative to aesthetic medicine. Using dynamic ionisation and thermal energy, this patented technology is designed to boost the skin’s cellular energy to enhance and rejuvenate the complexion. This unique, age-defying treatment has 8 bespoke variations prescribed by your therapist to suit your skin type and beauty concerns: allowing you to achieve exceptional, visible and clinically proven results after just one treatment.

Hydradermie Youth Age Logic 
A treatment designed to target the advanced signs of ageing and puts extra focus on the eye contour, neck and décolleté for an all-compassing age defying result. Wrinkles will be visibly reduced and the skin will feel renewed.

Hydradermie Lift:
We can’t reverse time, but we can reduce the effects of time on your skin. This effective lifting treatment stimulates the facial muscles using a low frequency micro current to produce a toning action and invigorate the muscle fibres in the skin for a smoother, firmer and more youthful appearance to the complexion.

Hydradermie Lift Express:
For those in a hurry and need results quick. This treatment includes cleansing, exfoliation, lymphatic drainage and muscle stimulation restoring a youthful tone to the complexion.

Hydradermie Lift Deluxe:
A combination of the Hydradermie Age Logic and the Hydradermie Lift for the ultimate lifting effect. Experience immediate contouring results due to the facial muscle stimulation, firming active ingredients and age-defying techniques.

The Ultimate Eye Lifting Treatment:
This unique treatment reduces signs of ageing and fatigue in the eye contour area. The combination of exclusive eye massage techniques and muscle stimulation using micro currents works to visibly lift, tone, aid drainage and boost microcirculation. An intensive eye mask infused with active ingredients leave the eyes looking more radiant and youthful.

Lift Summum:
Is an exclusive skincare method that provides global firming action and immediately attenuates signs of fatigue and ageing in the face, neck and dècolletè.

Age Summum:
The age summum treatment in alternative to plastic surgery for treating immediately signs of ageing: wrinkles and fine lines, loss of firmness, lack of radiance.

Hydra Peeling:
Real alternative to aesthetic medicine for: erasing visible signs of ageing, recover a radiant complexion, attenuating dark spots, brightening skin tone.


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Treatment Prices

Guniot Facial Treatment Prices:
A thorough consultation will take place before all treatments.
  • Consultation

    30 Minutes

    book 3
  • Hydradermie Youth
    book 3
  • Hydradermie Youth Age Logic
    book 3
  • Hydradermie Lift

    Course of 3 (Save5%)

    book 3
  • Hydradermie Lift Express
    book 3
  • Eye Lift
    book 3
  • Hydraclean
    book 3
  • Equilibre Purete with Hydraclean

    Course of 3 (Save5%)

    book 3
  • Age Summum
    book 3
  • Lift Summum

    Course of 3 (Save5%)

    book 3
  • Equilibre Purete
    book 3
  • Hydra Peeling
    book 3
  • Detoxygene
    book 3
  • Complete Youth

    1 a Week for 3 Weeks

    book 3
  • Global Rejunevation

    1 a Week for 4 Weeks

    book 3
  • Complete Lifting

    1 a Week for 3 Weeks

    book 3