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Masseter Muscle Treatment

Botox treatment in the Masseter (TMJ) for clenching, grinding & bruxism

Masseter Muscle Treatment

Non-Surgical Jaw Reshaping

Masseter muscle treatment is the key muscle that moves the lower jaw upwards, overworking this muscle by grinding your teeth or clenching temed ‘bruxism’ will result in headaches and pain it will also make the muscle larger causing distorted features with a more squarer face shape.  

Masseter Muscle Treatment

How Does It Work?

A moderate dose of Botulinum Toxin is injected into the masseter/ jaw muscle which is responsible for excessive grinding and clenching. This allows the muscles to relax providing relief to the patient as they can finally chew and move their mouth without pain and discomfort. As the Botox allows the jaw muscles to relax, with time, these muscles can reduce back to their normal size.

Botox, Masseter Muscle Treatment
Masseter Muscle Treatment
Masseter Muscle Treatment
Botox, Masseter Muscle Treatment

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Masseter Muscle Treatment
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