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Chin Enhancement

A well proportioned chin can redefine your entire face

Chin Enhancement

Improve your facial symmetry

Chin Enhancement with dermal filler is an ideal treatment for any patients with a recessive chin, a poorly defined chin or a small chin.  the aim of the treatment is to improve facial symmetry, stengthen and define your chin.  This treatment is ideal for anyone suffering from a short, rotruded (retracted) chin.

How Does It Work?

This treatment is popular with both male and female patients, even though the treatment concept is the same, different amounts of filler can be used to create a more masculine look for male patients and a more feminine look for female patients. Dermal filler can be used on the underside of your chin to elongate the chin or dermal filler used in the anterior part of your chin can help support the jowls. Dr Jaskaren will create a custom treatment plan to ensure your chin is proportionate to the rest of your face.

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Chin Enhancements
Chin Enhancements

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