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Dr. Jaskaren

For me it’s not about changing someone’s face it’s about enhancing their own beauty and balancing out their profile for a contoured sculpted look. I want to empower my patients to look and feel their ultimate best. Giving someone confidence is why I love my job.

One of my favourite treatments to do is the tear trough treatment and cheeks together. The tear trough is a small amount of filler injected between the cheek and just under the eyes which instantly reduces dark circles and restores loss of volume. In addition to adding volume to the cheeks, this makes such a difference and an impact. After this treatment my patients have such an emotional response as this is almost a last resort; they’ve tried all the skincare, eye creams and nothing has worked. It’s not all about vanity it’s about really making someone feel comfortable in their own skin. The most rewarding part is seeing them walk away with a huge smile on their face and a spring in their step.

A goal of mine for the future is to help educate people on aesthetics and to remove the stigma and negativity against non-surgical treatments. To help empower people and make them feel their best.

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