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Perioral and Lip Lines

Dermal fillers plump up wrinkles, smooth lines and restore volume

Perioral and Lip Lines

Perioral and Lip Lines Treatment

Perioral and lip lines are the linear wrinkles which radiate out from the border of the mouth extending up towards the nose or down towards the chin. Perioral lines can form due to a variety of factors such as smoking, ageing & decreased skin tone.

Perioral and Lip Lines

How Does It Work?

Perioral treatment restores volume, reducing lines & wrinkles resulting in a smoother, rejuvenated and overall improved appaerance of the mouth area.  Dr Jaskaren uses Botulinum Toxin injections to soften vertical lip lines and dermal hyaluronic acid filler to smooth out the deeper lines and provide volume, plumping, rejuvenated appearance and a more youthful look .  

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