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Neck Enhancement

Reverse The Signs Of Ageing with a Nefertiti Neck lift

Neck Enhancement

Eliminate Tech-Neck, Deep Lines & Neck Wrinkles

As our skin ages, lines and wrinkles begin to appear as it loses the collagen that help shape and support it (Neck Enhancement).  As more of our daily life involves viewing or working on a screen we tend to look down when using these devices which over time causes the skin in the neck area to sag, cause wrinkles & age prematurely.  

Neck Enhancement

How Does It Work?

Dr Jaskaren is an expert on neck revitalisating techniques, as the skin in the neck area is extremely thin it tend to age or show signs of ageing quicker than other areas of the face/body.  To combat wrinkles and lines Dr Jaskaren will use dermal fillers or skin boosters to rejuvenate the skin in the neck area. For more complex issues such as sagging skin, deep wrinkles and lines, a specialist Nefertiti lift technique using Botox can be utilised that immediately tightens the loose skin and creates a more defined jawline and a more youthful appearance.

Neck Enhancement
Neck Enhancement
Neck Enhancement
Neck Enhancement

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